A Dinner Conversation Starter – Great personalised gift

If you’re looking for a gift to take a long to a dinner party and do not want to take the usual bottle of wine – here’s a great idea. This dinner conversation starter will be a great way to kick off a dinner party.

An affordable and original gift

This set of four personalised “Mapkins” is an affordable and highly original gift. The map is printed on the napkin and personalised by centring them on your location. You simply tell us the chosen address and postcode and we will do the rest.

A dinner conversation starter

Each napkin will show intriguing details of the local area around your selected address. It will provide fun talking points at any dinner table. You could choose a location that means something special to the recipient such as where they grew up, or where they got married or just a memorable place.

These come in three types of mapping base

  UK ONLY:  Ordnance Survey Landranger: this covers all of mainland Great Britain and each napkin covers an area of 14 x 14 miles. It features footpaths and motorways plus farms and stately homes. It is full of colourful information such as landmarks and areas of interest.
   LONDON ONLY: Bartholomew’s London Street Mapping: gives detailed coverage of Greater London within the M25. You will discover just how green London is by finding all your local parks along with tube stations, schools and lots of other detail you would expect to see on a capital city street map. Each napkin cover 3.36 x 3.36 miles.
  UNITED STATES ONLY: USGS mapping: this covers the United States and each napkin covers an area of 7 miles x 7 miles.



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On the Butler and Hill store we have a unique range of personalisable gifts that will make a meaningful gift that you can tailor to the recipient.  We have put together all the products that are most popular on our store to give you some Gift Inspiration. This is what our customers are loving on the Butler and Hill shop.

Handmade is best

We firmly believe that the best way to make a quality item is to make them by hand, and that’s what our talented craftsmen and women do at our Workshop in Devon. You can create something truly one-of-a kind for that special someone.

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Personalised Map Jigsaw – A gift for a loved one

Customised Map Jigsaw

If you know someone who loves maps and jigsaw puzzles they would LOVE a personalised map jigsaw puzzle.

What is a Personalised Map Jigsaw?

A map jigsaw from Butler and Hill is completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centre piece based on the special address in your life. The centre piece of the jigsaw could represent where the recipient grew up, or where their new home will be or where home is now. As we custom make each jigsaw for each customer and we ensure that that the jigsaw is of the highest quality, these do take a little longer than an off-the-shelf jigsaw. However, it does mean that you will give a completely unique gift in a lovely blue box that you can write your own message on.

It’s so easy to order

We have recently revamped our website and it’s now even easier to order. Select the number of pieces: 400 or 255 piece jigsaws, then the map style you would like. (See below for more information on map styles). Then type in the house name or number and street and the postcode and add to basket!

Five different Map Styles

Choose from one of five intriguing map styles: The Ordnance Survey Landranger and Streetview Mapping bases are available for all of mainland Great Britain. The Victorian and Aerial bases are available for England and Wales only. The London Street map base is available for Greater London inside the M25. Click on theInfo about mapping styles” link for more information.


Here is a summary of the personalised Map jigsaw puzzle

  • Our map jigsaw puzzles are individually created based on your selected address
  • Your jigsaw will arrive in an attractive presentation box, which, for that added personal touch, contains an area on the box lid allowing you to write your own message to the recipient
  • Made using 1.5mm millboard, these superb jigsaws are hand-finished by our expert craftsmen
  • The completed 255-piece puzzle measures 27 x 37cm
  • The completed 400-piece puzzle measures 32 x 47cm
  • To make this jigsaw puzzle more challenging, and really test your knowledge of the local area around your centre point we have deliberately not included a guide image. This applies to all styles apart from the aerial style which contains a guide at half the size of the actual completed jigsaw
  • This personalised product is handmade to your personal specification and will usually be delivered within 7 working days.

Come over to the Butler and Hill shop to take a look. Click on the image below