Map Pinboards – Keep your world organised!

Our Map Pinboards are a wonderful way to keep you organised. These bright and colourful pinboards come ready to hang and also have a dry wipe surface so you can quickly jot down reminders as well as pin notes if you need to.

These framed maps make a great feature on the wall of your home and a great place to keep your to-dos and don’t forgets!

UK map Pinboards

UK Map Pinboards

UK Pinboard Map











Our vibrant and detailed UK map pinboard shows the counties and cities of the United Kingdom.

Framed World Map Pinboards

Framed World Map Pinboards

Framed World Map Pinboard











Choose between colour or mono-tone world maps.
Available in three different frames to suit your home decor.

Map Pins can be added to your order for only £2.95. When ordering make sure to add them to your order if you would like some Map Pins. Click here to view.