A Stunning Personalised Wooden Jigsaw of your Home!


Have you seen our ‘My Home Wooden Jigsaw’? If you’re looking for something cute and quirky for your coffee table, this is  a fantastic contender.

My Home Wooden Jigsaw

Select the location for your map and we will place it on to your wooden jigsaw puzzle. The centre puzzle piece is shaped like a house, to pinpoint the exact location of your home.

My Home Wooden Jigsaw

This very cute house shaped wooden puzzle measures 16cm x 18cm and fits perfectly on your coffee table! Your friends and family will love taking it apart and piecing it together. It is also a great conversation starter and you can pick out places on your map that you may not have seen before.

My Home Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

You can also use it as a coaster, as it is finished with a durable surface. This makes it easy to clean away tea and coffee spills. If you can resist keeping it for yourself, this lovely puzzle is also a fantastic gift for friends of family members.

£34.99 – Find it here

A really unique gift or fantastic item to have in your own home!