Wedding Guest Book Alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to a wedding guest book, why not take a look at the  Personalisable Wedding Guest Drop Box? Not only is this a wonderful alternative to a traditional guest book, it can be a beautiful reminder of your special day that you can display in your home and enjoy for many years to come.

Personalised Wedding Guest Drop Box

This handmade wooden framed item can be personalised in several ways. It features a heart shaped map showing your wedding venue (or anywhere of your choosing). It is beautifully engraved with both of your names and date of your wedding. You can even choose from 4 available colours for the background.  Finally, guests at your wedding fill in a token with their best wishes and drop them into the box, making it truly unique and filled with special wishes from your special day.


Hand-waxed wooden box engraved especially for you

Engraved wooden box Each Wedding Guest Drop Box also arrives with a hand-waxed wooden box that has been engraved with the couples name and date of the special day.You can keep the tokens in here for guests to collect their tokens from in order to write on them and pop them in the drop box.

A unique wedding guest book idea

We really love this item, not only will we customise it for you, your guests will personalise it further for you! This truly will be unique to you.

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